Fridge Freezing Your Food?

Is your fridge freezing your food? This can be caused by a few different problems.

Check out the 3 most common problems and find out how to fix them below. They are all relatively cheap and easy to do and don’t require a lot of experience with fridge repair.

Why is the Fridge Freezing Your Food?

1. The fridge temperature has been set too cold.

Fridge Freezing Your Food?

If your food is freezing in your fridge, you fridge’s temperature may be set too cold. Check to make sure that the temperature setting is correct. Some fridges have a knob on the inside that can be adjusted. Other fridges have a control panel on the outside that you can press to adjust the temperature. Remember, the ideal temperature for your fridge is between 35 and 38 degrees F.

2. The thermistor is broken.

Fridge Freezing Your Food

Is your Fridge freezing your food still? Then it may be your thermistor that is causing the problem. The thermistor tells the fridge if it is cold enough or not. If it is not working properly, then the fridge could continue to cool the food and cause it to freeze.

First, manually check the temperature of the fridge section. You can do this by putting a small thermometer in it. Make sure that the temperature is between 35-38 degrees F.

If the temperature is still too cold, you will need to test the thermistor. Check out this great guide to find out how. If you find out that the thermistor is the problem you will need to replace it. Check out this handy video below to find out how.

3. The damper controller assembly is not working.

Fridge Freezing Your Food

If your fridge is still freezing your food, the damper controller assembly might not be working properly. Check visually to see if it is jammed and that nothing is in the way or that it is not frozen in place. You can also take it out and supply power to it to make sure that it is working properly. If it doesn’t open and close correctly, you will need to replace it. Check out this helpful video below to find out how to replace the damper.