Fridge is Noisy or Loud

Is your fridge noisy or Loud? There are a few possible reasons for this.

Check out the top 5 most common problems and their solutions below.

They are all relatively cheap and most of them don’t require too much experience with fridge repairs in order to do them.

Why is My Fridge is Noisy or Loud?

1. Fan Blade

fridge is noisy or loud

If the fridge is noisy or loud, especially when you open the fridge door, the evap fan blade might be to blame. Check to see if it turns freely and that it is not scraping against anything. Also, check the condenser fan blade to make sure that nothing is blocking it as well. The condenser fan blade is located in the back of the fridge.

2. The Evaporator Fan Motor is Noisy

fridge is noisy or loud

If your fridge is noisy or loud still, you should check if the actual evaporator motor is causing the noise. If you cleared the blockage or there was no blockage in step 1, but the fridge is still making a loud squeking or grinding noise that is more noticeable when you open the refrigerator door, then the evaporator fan motor might be to blame. This can happen when the fan motor is worn out or is not made correctly. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the evap fan motor.

3. The Condenser Fan Motor is Noisy

fridge is noisy or loud

Next, check to see if the condenser fan motor is to blame. This can be because the condenser motor is worn out. If the fridge is noisy or loud because of the condenser fan motor, you will need to replace it.

4. Water valve

fridge is noisy or loud

If the fridge is noisy or loud when your ice maker is filling with water, it could be the water valve that is causing the problem. This could be because of mineral deposits clogging up the valve. It is not recommended to take them apart to try and clean them as it can become leaky after putting them back together. Replacing the valve is easy. You can follow the steps in this video.

5. The Compressor is Noisy

fridge is noisy or loud

It is normal for a compressor to be noisy. Some fridge’s have louder compressors than others. However, if you notice a difference and it is much louder than usual, check to make sure that it is secured properly. You may need to tighten some of the screws. If it continues to get louder, you should know that this means that the compressor will fail eventually. But don’t be worried, as the fridge can go many more years before it will fail. However, it is not recommend that you try to fix the compressor yourself, but to call a local repair man to do it for you.