Fridge Ice Dispenser Not Working

Is your fridge ice dispenser not working? There are a few common problems that can cause this. Check out the 6 most common reasons and how to solve them below. They are all relatively cheap and easy to fix and don’t require too much experience to do.

Why is My Fridge Ice Dispenser Not Working?

1. The dispenser control board is not working.

Fridge Ice Dispenser Not Working

If your entire dispenser system is failing and not just your fridge ice dispenser, the problem may be the dispenser control board. If only the dispenser is failing, it is unlikely to be the control board. It is much more common for the whole dispenser system to fail if it is a control board problem.

2. The dispenser actuator is broken.

refrigerator actuator

The dispenser actuator interacts with many other parts in the dispenser system. If it is broken, then the dispenser will not work properly.

3. The auger motor is not working.

auger motor

Fridge ice dispenser not working still? Then it might be the auger motor. When you press the actuator does the auger motor spin? Is it not spinning and just making a humming noise? If it doesn’t spin, the auger motor may be broken. Check for continuity of the motor. If it doesn’t work, you will need to replace it.

Check out the guide below to find out how to replace the auger motor.

4. The fridge dispenser solenoid is not working.


If the auger motor turns and makes a noise like it is working, but ice is still not be dispensed, then the solenoid may be broken. The solenoid sends a signal to the flap to open and close the dispenser hole. It makes sure that the cold air stays in. If it is faulty, then the door flap will not open. Check for continuity to make sure it works.

Check out the guide below to see how to replace the solenoid.

5. The ice bucket auger is not working.


The auger pushes the ice through the buck and out the freezer when you press the dispenser. If it is broken then no ice will come out. Check to make sure that it is properly in place, it is not broken, and that the ice hasn’t frozen in a single block to stall it.

If it is broken, check out the guide below to find out how to replace it with a new one.

6. The ice crusher blades are not working.

If the ice crusher blades are jammed or broken, the ice will not be properly dispensed from the fridge. If they are jammed because of ice, try using warm water to help them release. If they are bent, you will need to replace them.