You have just gotten a space for your man cave and now it is time to fill it with things. What does any self respecting man cave need? Beer. And what does that beer need? Some place to store it.

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However, you can’t just use any old refrigerator to store it in. As you already know, beer doesn’t taste right unless it is drunk at the correct temperature. That is where the beer refrigerator comes in. These specially designed refrigerators are made so that a bottle or can of beer is stored at the proper temperature for the best taste.

The Definitive Guide to Beer Refrigerators Chart

Image Name Capacity Price Rating
Kegco CBC-101-SSC 58 Can Beverage Center - Stainless Steel Trim Door w/ Lock
58-12 oz cans $$ 4.5
New - EdgeStar 84 Can Beverage Cooler - Stainless Steel by Edgestar
84-12 oz. cans $$ 5
Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center - Stainless Steel
120-12 oz. cans Amazon Best Seller 3.9
NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler
126-12 oz. Cans $$ 4.4
Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler - Black
80-12 oz. cans $$ 5
Haier HBCW100ABB 16-Bottle Wine Cellar and Beverage Center
60-12 oz. cans $$$ 4
EdgeStar 84 Can Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator - Stainless Steel with Glass Door
84-12 oz. cans $$$ 4
Vinotemp Vt-32 Beverage Cooler
56-8oz cans $$$ 2.9
Danby DBC514BLS 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage Center - Black/Stainless
112-12 oz. cans $$$$ 2.5
Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24" Under-Counter Wine Cooler with Perfect Set� Temperature Control and Luxury-D, Stainless Steel
90-12 oz. cans $$$$$ 5

What should I consider when I am looking for the best beer refrigerator for me?


This is the most important thing to consider when buying a beer refrigerator. No one likes waiting for their beer to chill when they could be drinking it instead. How many people are going to be using it? How often is it going to be used?

Adjustable Shelves.

Adjustable shelves are important because beer doesn’t come in one size or shape. Though it is not the end of the world, it is not ideal to store beer on its side. Depending on what type of beer you are going to be putting into your beer fridge, consider non permanent shelves that can also accommodate larger bottles.


Glass door or no glass door. The glass door provides the best visibility of the beer and subtly brags to your friends that you are a true beer aficionado. It also visually shows you how much beer you have left.

Temperature control.

We want to make sure the beer gets cold enough. Look into adjustable controls for different types of beers. Most wine refrigerators only get to around 43 degrees which is barely enough for beer, but not ideal. Below are the different temperatures that you want to keep your beer at for optimum taste.

  • Very cold (0-4C/32-39F): Any beer you don’t actually want to taste. Pale Lager, Malt Liquor, Canadian-style Golden Ale and Cream Ale, Low Alcohol, Canadian, American or Scandinavian-style Cider.
  • Cold (4-7C/39-45F): Hefeweizen, Kristalweizen, Kölsch, Premium Lager, Pilsner, Classic German Pilsner, Fruit Beer, brewpub-style Golden Ale, European Strong Lager, Berliner Weisse, Belgian White, American Dark Lager, sweetened Fruit Lambics and Gueuzes, Duvel-types
  • Cool (8-12C/45-54F): American Pale Ale, Amber Ale, California Common, Dunkelweizen, Sweet Stout, Stout, Dry Stout, Porter, English-style Golden Ale, unsweetened Fruit Lambics and Gueuzes, Faro, Belgian Ale, Bohemian Pilsner, Dunkel, Dortmunder/Helles, Vienna, Schwarzbier, Smoked, Altbier, Tripel, Irish Ale, French or Spanish-style Cider
  • Cellar (12-14C/54-57F): Bitter, Premium Bitter, Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, English Pale Ale, English Strong Ale, Old Ale, Saison, Unblended Lambic, Flemish Sour Ale, Bière de Garde, Baltic Porter, Abbey Dubbel, Belgian Strong Ale, Weizen Bock, Bock, Foreign Stout, Zwickel/Keller/Landbier, Scottish Ale, Scotch Ale, American Strong Ale, Mild, English-style Cider
  • Warm (14-16C/57-61F): Barley Wine, Abt/Quadrupel, Imperial Stout, Imperial/Double IPA, Doppelbock, Eisbock, Mead
  • Hot (70C/158F): Quelque Chose, Liefmans Glühkriek, dark, spiced winter ales like Daleside Morocco Ale.

Compressor vs thermoelectric cooling.

Thermoelectric is good for smaller applications, but a compressor is good for larger applications and making sure it gets cold enough.

Top 5 Beer Refrigerator Reviews

Any of these would be great buys. Much of it comes down to personal preference and how much beer you want to store at one time.

1. New – EdgeStar 84 Can Beverage Cooler – Stainless Steel by Edgestar

EdgeStar 84 Soda Can Beverage Cooler Fridge - Stainless Steel

Special Offers

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The EdgeStar 84 Can Beverage Cooler provides the coldest temperatures on the market for beer refrigerators. This means that you can get your beer as cold as you want for that optimum taste. It has the second lowest price of all the beer refrigerators we reviewed, and its capacity is in the middle of the pack at 84-12 oz cans. This beer refrigerator is truly the budget conscious buyers as well as the high capacity buyer’s best friend.

Its compact size means it doesn’t take to much space in your room, leaving you plenty of room in your man cave for all your other goodies. It also offers flexible shelving allowing you to accommodate the different types of cans and bottles you have. This includes 3 fully removable slide-out chrome wire shelves. Two shelves have a 25 can per shelf capacity and one half size shelf has a 14 can capacity. The bottom shelf has a 20 can capacity. This is important because now you can sit your large beer bottles straight up as opposed to laying them on their side.

Lastly, the glass door and interior LED lighting allows you to easily see how much beer you have left as well as show off your impressive beer collection. The EdgeStar 84 Can Beverage Cooler offers you a high quality in a small package, allowing you to store your precious beer in a small space.

2. Electrolux EI24BC65GS IQ-Touch 24″ 6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Undercounter Beverage Center

Electrolux EI24WC65GS 24 Under-Counter Wine Cooler with Perfect Set Temperature Control and Luxury-D, Stainless Steel
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The Electrolux EI24BC65GS is the top of the line Beer refrigerator. This is a high end option which is reflected in both its feature options as well as its visual beauty. Because it is an under counter design, this is ideally a built in unit that is meant to go with the overall decor of your room.

Functionally, the unit lets you change the temperature from 35 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Our testing shows that the unit got as cold as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately this doesn’t come at the cost of being noise. In fact, this unit runs extremely quietly as while still quickly cooling down our beverages. Furthermore, the slide out shelves make it very easy to restock the refrigerator when you get low on beer.

Visually, this unit is very stylish and will definitely class up the room you put it in. The LED lighting is extremely strong and pared with the glass doors allows the user to easily see the beer inside.

The major con with this product is its price and that it requires you to build it in. However, if you can afford it and are looking for a built in unit, I would definitely recommend that you get this unit.

3. Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler – Black

Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler - Black
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If you want something that isn’t flashy, but performs all the basics extremely well, the Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler will give you what you want. The black design is neutral allowing you to place it in almost any spot.

The shelves are removable allowing you multiple configurations depending on what kind of beer you are storing. The best feature though are the slide out shelves with stops so that it doesn’t fall out when you pull it all the way.

The dual tempered glass and blue interior LED light provide ample viewing so that you can see what beer you have as well as how much beer you have left.

The soft touch electronic control panel with digital display clearly and accurately shows the internal temperature, so can be sure the beer is as cold as you want it.

4. Kegco CBC-101-SSC 58 Can Beverage Center – Stainless Steel Trim Door w/ Lock

Kegco CBC-101-SSC 58 Can Beverage Center – Stainless Steel Trim Door w/ Lock
Currently not available

The Kegco CBC-101-SSC is the best option if you don’t have a lot of space. Its 58 can capacity is the second lowest of the refrigerators we reviewed. However, this means that it can fit almost anywhere including on top of a counter.

Its temperature is adjustable between 33 and 54 Fahrenheit, allowing you to find the perfect temperature for your beer. You can easily adjust the temperature using a control knob at the back of the unit.

It also comes with adjustable shelves allow you to customize how you arrange your beer.

What really distinguishes this beer refrigerator from the rest is the built-in security lock that will keep the beer secure from kids that you do not want having access to it. This unit is definitely for the dads out there who still want to knock a beer back, but don’t want their kids having easy access to their beer.

5. NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler

NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

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The NewAir 126 is the best choice if extremely high capacity is what you are looking for. It holds up to 126-12 oz. Beer cans. This is the beer refrigerator to for you if you regularly are hosting many people.

It comes with five removable metal racks. This spacious design is ideal if you have extremely large bottles or cans.

It is visually stylish with interior LED lights and a glass door to proudly display the large collection of beer.

The major con with this device is that it only has 7 preset temperatures. This doesn’t allow you as much control over the temperature you set your beer refrigerator to. While using the coldest setting, it did make the beer cool; however, it didn’t make it as cold as we would have liked.

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